Hello, we are the company "Kravchuk Brothers"! - Ремонт квартир `Братья Кравчук`

Hello, we are the company “Kravchuk Brothers”!

Our company has been repairing apartments from the design project to the installation of furniture since 2013. Before we began to position ourselves as a Company, we worked as master finishers and did repairs with our own hands, since about 2006. This can be tracked through our YouTube channel and social networks. And even earlier, we worked at various construction sites as auxiliary workers, bringing all the necessary materials to the master finishers and learning from their experience. Then I really had to forget everything they taught us, as they were “artisanal” methods.

The first thing we started the development of the Company, taking courses on Knauf technologies, with the study of materials science and the history of the creation of the technologies themselves. We visited the Knauf plant and mine in Krasnogorsk. All this was caused by the desire to achieve the highest quality in the renovation of apartments and to be No-1 in their business, the ambition of literality “bursting” us. There is also an explanation for this, because our parents taught us that if you take on a task, you need to do it better than anyone else. Around the same time, we purchased a set of top-end Hilti battery tools, which also gave us a deep understanding that working with the right tool is moving much faster and better.

In 2013, they opened the YouTube channel “Kravchuk Brothers”, where they began to shoot master classes on apartment repairs, video reviews of finished objects and video reviews of their Customers. Later, they started an Instagram account “bksev”. It is important that we first worked out the technologies with our own hands, made sure of their correctness and reliability, handed over about 40 apartments on a turnkey basis, that is, we became experts in our industry, and then only began to think about business in this direction. And the competence in your product serves us as a shield from any adversity. In our understanding, first you are an expert in the topic, then it is a business. This is what will now favorably distinguish us in the market of services provided as a Company, we, as managers, understand our business like no other.

In those years, it seemed to us that no one else could make the apartment renovation better. But as soon as we realized the opposite, that there are masters more capable, we immediately decided to build a business. In those days, we looked for customers through ads in newspapers, pasted paper ads on entrances, and distributed business cards to passers-by. The story began in the hero city of Sevastopol.

In 2015, we started building the Company. The main idea was to create a Company that is the best in its field on the market, and an unambiguous decision was made, we are building a personal brand on our last name and faces — “Kravchuk Brothers”. Now it is a trademark that is registered in the State Register of the Russian Federation and is protected by law. This literally forces us to keep the “brand” and not make mistakes, although they certainly happen, but we understand that in this case, the reputation losses incurred are irreparable. We immersed ourselves in marketing and system building, hiring and management, business process automation, and Russian legislation.

For five years in our Company, the guarantee for the repair of apartments is 7 years. Because we comply with all building codes, regulations and rules. Our masters, only narrowly focused professionals in their specialties. We don’t have teams. A man who is a jack-of-all-trades is not an expert. He knows about everything a little bit, and we need to be deep and in one thing.

Interesting facts

During the creation of the company, we gave up meat, tobacco, alcohol and profanity for 4 years. This gave an incredible amount of energy for a powerful start. For 4 years, we have created a brand that is recognizable in the Russian market, studied the necessary technologies and tested them, created jobs for people, and understood business processes. Unfortunately, many of the figures are confidential, but they would surprise you. We still do not accept tobacco and alcohol.

In 2021, we opened a branch in Moscow. I want this level of repair to be in this market as well. So that the residents of Moscow are also surprised that by ordering the repair of an apartment in the Company, you can get a high-quality repair, completely without nerves and that during the repair you will not have to worry about anything. That the repair of the apartment will not cause discomfort, even if we do it remotely in the absence of the Customer. From the creation of a design project to the installation of furniture, our Company closes any questions about the repair of the apartment.

We are glad to welcome to our Company everyone who wants to develop as a person and grow in the professional field.

We are glad to welcome our Customers who want to get a high-quality apartment renovation with a 7-year warranty.

Sincerely, The Kravchuk Brothers Group of Companies»