High communication skills and stress resistance
Handle incoming calls
Process incoming requests via the website
Knowledge of record keeping
Knowledge and ability to work in office programs
Working with an internal CRM system
Coordinate a meeting with the Customer at the site or in the office
Make a presentation of the company to the Customer in the office if the manager is not present
Ability to work with office equipment
Prepare the office for the working day
Organize cultural customer service (meeting, coffee/tea, sugar, candy)
Ensure the cleanliness of the office (cleaning lady control)
Preparation of orders for the material and technical support of the office
Preparation of orders for the company’s tea party and holiday products
Ensure the work of office equipment, if necessary, call the masters for the repair of equipment
Monitor the full staffing of the manager for site visits (according to the company’s regulations)
Communicate with printing houses for printing out the company’s products
Use the recommended speech patterns when communicating with the Customer
Observe the company’s regulations when performing work
Comply with the terms of the company’s trade secret regulations